7 Bougie Home Decor Trends for 2020

The start of a new year is the perfect time to update your home! 

Plan the kitchen, bedroom, or office of your dreams, or simply add those much needed accents to take your space from beautiful to brilliant. 

This year, more than ever, we’ll be seeing a focus on sustainable materials and natural tones. 

Home decor trends for 2020 are warm, earthy, and balanced. 

7 Bougie Home Decor Trends for 2020

Start your dream interior makeover here by reading for styling tips and ideas on how to decorate your home in 2020! 

1. Warm neutral colors and earth tones

Behr’s 2020 Color of the Year is Back to Nature, a natural shade of green that they describe as “Calm. Gracious. Balanced.” Exactly what we all want to achieve this new year, right? 

Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue, confirms the embrace of all things natural this year. 

The combination of earth and deep blue ocean creates a zen mood that connects one to the environment around us. 

Choose neutral shades for walls and flooring to make your earthy accents pop.

These Japanese style handmade bowls are absolutely stunning and make for beautiful decor in open shelving. 

image of a Japanese inspired ocean blue bowl with a green leaf inside of it and within another larger bowl

2. Natural accents and sustainable materials

Pieces created from naturally occurring materials tell such an interesting story - they’re also incredibly unique in that one is never quite like the other.

With a global emphasis on climate action and sustainability, choosing natural accents is both a way to create a homey feeling in your space while doing good for the planet.

Choose wood centre pieces, plants, and other natural materials to give new life to your space.

This stunning wooden kitchen rack is a perfect way to store your go to utensils in a beautiful and modern way - bonus points for using eco-friendly cookware!

Want to take sustainable living on the go? This 10 piece bamboo cutlery set and metal straw combo is 100% eco-friendly and perfect in a purse or other small bag!

wooden kitchen rack with two glass containers holding wooden cookware

3. Easy fixtures and adhesive wall decor

Updating a room shouldn’t have to be so hard! 

That’s why easy to use decor and fixtures are making serious headway in 2020. 

Items like the stainless steel adhesive vase are the perfect way to add a living component to any room and are easy to install.

Experiment with mixing metals by choosing one vase in gold and the other in rose gold for a wall that makes a statement!

two metal adhesive vases in rose gold (left) and gold (right)

4. Natural luxury

Think marble, oak, and linen! 

Luxurious materials like these give any room a wow factor.

These marble pattern ceramic spice jars make for stunning addition to every home chef’s workspace.

Use them for salt, pepper, and sugar, or replace them with your go to ingredients!

ceramic spice jars in a dark turquoise color at the front of the image; a white set and black are placed behind

5. High contrast + black and white interiors

Black and white have a way of exhibiting modern sophistication so, experiment with these polar opposites in your living space.

Worried about your space looking small? Save the dark tones for small furniture pieces and use white for anything larger than a coffee table. 

A set of these ceramic tabletop vases makes a bold statement. Place them on your coffee table, kitchen counter, or as a centrepiece on your table.

large ceramic white circular vase (left) next to a small black circular vase (right)

6. Cozy living and materials

Think hygge! 

Make the everyday more meaningful and enjoy comfortable things like candles, chunky wool knit blankets, and pillows. 

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than snuggle up with a good book, some candles, and this gorgeous chunky wool knit blanket, you?

chunky wool knit blanket with a book, cup of coffee, and croissant on a plate on top

7.  Open shelving

These home decor trends are already present in many homes today and are especially popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas.

Pieces like the iron grid invisible shelf or hexagonal iron rack with wooden bases can be layered and decorated with accents to add character to your room - choose white and black to add contrast to your space. 

hexagonal grid shelving in black with a large size (left) and small size (right) next to one another

What are you favourite interior design trends for 2020? Be sure to tag @thebougielivingshop on Instagram with your room makeover for a chance to be featured in our Instagram stories!

- Nikki